3 Color/6 Color Glove Machine


Full Automatic Computer Adjustable Glove Knitting Machine

The automatic feature of fully automatic computerized glove knitting machine has reached to advanced technology level. All types of gloves, such as sinker woven based design, precise manufacturing processes, new program design, versatile weaving, work gloves according to different needs, winter elastic gloves as well as fashionable gloves and half finger gloves, fingered socks, seamless gloves can be produced in the most beautiful way using various yarns.

Color Weaving Machine

This device automatically cuts yarn and ties colored yarns together, replacing and connecting six different colored yarns in a simple and easy way.


Glove Machine Technical Specifications

Needle Steps / Thicknesses




Knitting Speed

Finger 200r/m Palm: 180r/m

Product Capacity

192 pairs/8 hours (7g), 160 pairs/8 hours (10g), 120 pairs/8 hours (13g), 107 pairs/8 hours

Motor Power

1 phase or 3 phase: 220w, 250w

Number of machines per staff:

15-20 Machines/Person


250 kg

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