Jacquard Gloves Machine Product Data:

It opens a new page in whole mold production, mainly designed for the production of fashion accessories. With the YHM-5, gloves, socks, five-fingered hosiery, hats, scarves, jackets and ties with hands and wrists and other accessory styles can be woven in one piece without any stitching process. At the same time, it can produce five-fingered jacquard socks and palette jacquard socks, for example, in the form of shoes, fingers outside, palms, four-color jacquard fingers. YHM-5 can also be used in the production of knitted leggings. Different types of weave production are linked to gloves, socks, scarves, 5G or 7G and 10G leggings in general, with the number of needles you have chosen.

The front plate of 10 G machines has 74 needles, the back plate of 10G machines has 79 needles.

The front plate of 7 G machines has 48 needles, the back plate of 7G machines has 53 needles.

The front plate of 5 G machines has 37 needles, the back plate of 5G machines has 42 needles.

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