آلة سدادة HT-150AP1

آلة سدادة HT-150AP1

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Optimally and flexibly used in the warping of various kinds of nylon, Faber, cotton yarn and etc.


  1. High speed/endurable/simple operation/better performance/high yield.
  2. Automatic lubrication device and automatic tension feeding system provide effective control over high quality fabric, saving time and labor for the user.
  3. Convertible machine parts supported with various devices to provide wider range of fabrics.
  4. Reliable and efficient after-sales service.
  5. Whole-plant equipment export and technology transfer.

Technical Parameter

Diameter of the application beam is below 400 mm, diameter of inside hole is 17 mm or 20 mm, inside length is 300 mm.

Speed Adjustment: Frequency control 0 ~350 r/min. (Line Speed 0~390 m/min)

Set Length: Use the counter to set any warp length according to the requirement, this measure can reduce the loss of warp.

Width and Density Adjustment: Adopt 4 pieces of W-reed; adjust width and the left and right device randomly.

Motor: 2HP / 4P / 380V 3 Phase


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