Cord Knitting Machine

Cord Knitting Machine

The duty of the Brit machine, which is produced by Santeks Textile Machinery and is 100% Turkish, is to produce shoelaces, hammocks and cord type products. As the difference of Santeks machine, our machine has 4 heads and each head has separate speed control systems. Businesses using our machine in this area have the power to control the settings they want. Our machine has the ability to knit from 3 needles to 60 needles. In addition, each head of our machine has an ironing system with a maximum temperature of 600° and you have the authority to control this system. Finally, the heads are interchangeable.


Cord Knitting Machine

  • Knitting from 3 Needles to 60 Needles
  • Electronic Rope Broken
  • Hot Iron Up to 600 Degrees
  • Independent Speed Control on Each Head
  • Quantity in Every Head
  • Speed-controlled Pulling System


Canlı Destek
Canlı Destek
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