Lycra System Mini Jacquard Collar Machine JP612A

Lycra System Mini Jacquard Collar Machine JP612A

Achieve productivity in the production area with the new generation knitting machine. It allows you to save time in production with its easy usage and performance. With its superior performance and quality production capability, it makes a distant distinction between its counterparts. With this machine you can produce quality and unique products.

Our company stands in the back of our products with regard to customer satisfaction in terms of spare parts supply and technical support service.



Lycra System Mini Jacquard Collar Machine JP612A

Likra Sistemli Mini Jakarlı Yaka Makinası JP612A

Control System

Compare to old type model this upgrade model
1. With visual interface, touch screen which easy to operate.
2. More memory to store files.
3. System setting can be reset to factory setting.
4. Knitting movement and testing virtual reality.
5. Fast edit basic design data base make programing more efficiency.
6. Adding system maintainance history help our afterservice support customer in more machine with more emergency stop functions which protect the machine much further than everbefore.

Likra Sistemli Mini Jakarlı Yaka Makinası JP612A

Servo Motor

The machine carriages are driven by servo motor which make the running speed up to 1.5m/s maximum and fast machine carriage return which may increase 10% productivity compare to old type model.

Likra Sistemli Mini Jakarlı Yaka Makinası JP612A

New Design

New design safety side door and side tension.

Likra Sistemli Mini Jakarlı Yaka Makinası JP612A

Cam System

612A has a lycra cams system, may do full tuck or half tuck in any direction, its unique recover technique better the fabric quality and at the same time increase 30% productivity for double faces single color type of fabric structure.

Bilgisayarlı Full Jakarlı Yaka Örme Makinası JP712

New Type Top Tension

Upgrade top tension is more easy getting the yarn through.

Additional information

Weight 795 kg
Dimensions 3463 × 1800 × 790 mm
Production Capacity

1.100 – 1.300 Pieces / 1 Day (Average)

Supply Capacity

33.000 – 39.000 Piece / 1 Month (Average)

Cam System

Single carriage, single system, tuck knitting and plain knitting. Jacks on the front rear bed, capable knitting square mini jacquard and line etc.


Two side interchangeable feeders, 6 colors

Stitch Density

0 ~ 99 divisions by computer program control


, , , , , ,

Knitting Width

, ,

Knitting Speed

Max. 1.4m/s depending on knitting wide and knitting material.


Max. 2" inch (+0.5 or -0.5)


D/C motor control, 2 speed options

Control System

The carriage is driven and controlled by the Boosan operation system

Automatic Intervention

Cam motor error, Fabric drop, Fabric end, Jacquard error, Knot, Motor overload, Motor setting error, Needle break, Side feeder


220V / 380V


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