Desk Wall Type (Braiding)

Desk Wall Type (Braiding)

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It is a Circular Braiding machine.
Used to produce shoestring, hood string, eyewear string etc. accessories.
Number of needles can be customized.
Needle size: Varies between 3 GG to 14 GG.
Braiding head can be replaced.
Net Weight: 20 kg
Motor Power: 0.25 KW
Dimensions: 50X50X55 cm
220V / ? 380V / 50 Hz 1.5A – 0.87 A/ 1380 rpm.
Production capacity of 1 Head: 3000-6000 meters per 1 day (24 hours) [Machine number, yarn thickness impacts the production.]
1-2 system desk wall type machines driven by single motor can be manufactured.