Lycra System Mini Jacquard Collar Machine JP-612A
Weight 795 kg
Dimensions 3463 × 1800 × 790 mm
Production Capacity

1.100 – 1.300 piece / 1 Day (Averange)

Supply Capability

33.000 – 39.000 piece / 1 Month (Average)

Cam System

Single carriage, single system, tuck knitting and plain knitting., With lycra cam system, can do high needle tuck, low needle tuck or full needle tuck, With needle jack for semi jacquard.


Two side interchangeable feeders, 6 colors

Stitch Density

0 ~ 99 divisions by computer program control


, , , , , ,

Knitting Width

42" inch, 60" inch, 80" inch

Knitting Speed

Max 1.4m/s depending on knitting wide and knitting material


Servo motor control max 2 inch, racking one or half needle at any position, auto recover function


From 1-9 level option

Control System

The carriage is driven and controlled by the Boosan operation system

Automatic Intervention

0 position error, Emergency stop, Fabric drop, Floating knit, Knot, Motor overload, Needle break, Needle shock, Reserve rolling, Yarn break, Yarn Loose


220V single phs or 380V 3 phs