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HT-802F Yaka Örgü Makinesi

HT-802F  Computerized Flat Knitting Machine

Guage : FG, 9G, 10G, 12G, 14G, 16G, 18G
Bed Width : 60” – 80” inch
Speed : 1.2m courses/max (Knitting speed become different with knitting wide and knitting condition)
Yarn Feeder : Two side interchangeable feeder, main 6 colors.
Cam System : Single cam system, tuck cam system on front bed & rear bed.
Jack : Jack set on the front & rear bed, may hang low needle for knit, can knit square, mini jacquard and line etc.
Stitch Density : 0~99 divisions by compute program control.
Racking : High-precision ball spiral-staff, racking moving 2 inch max., can rack a needle or half needle at any place.
Roller : Divide into groups of take down, by step motor control, high / low speed adjust.
Stop Motion : Yarn break, knot, yarn guage, fabric drop, shock, needle break, floating knit, piece count, motor overload, stitch motor & cam motor error, racking error.
Command : Command by an equal belt, command control speed and course.
Aerial : New type electron aerial, easy to through the yarn.
Work Light : Green: Working – Red: Error/Stop
Lamp Light : Setting inner cover.
Power : 220V, 1/2 HP (0.37kw) motor.
Control System : Computer system, display on LCD, command single and easy control.
Display On : English / Chinese
New Weight : 690 kg / 800 kg

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Ağırlık 800 kg

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