Net Knitting Machines


Dry Double Needle Bed Rope Warp Knitting Machine

ME2310 Mesh Knitting Machine

computer control system

Visual touchscreen interface showing knitting movement. It is easy for the employee to change the data setting. Designs can be stored or transferred from USB disk. The quick edit function is useful for a new operator. New safety doors and emergency protection increase operator safety.

Yaka makinası kontrol paneli
Servo Motor


Machine head and rack bed are working with servo motor, working parameter data can be adjusted according to working conditions. Machine head movement, servo fast direction change control and motion technique have been improved, it is 10% faster than the old type machine.

Cam system

831 cam system can make basic full jacquard and intarsia structure fabric. 8 sets of solen old needle selection structure.

cam system
Collar machine side gazebo

New design

New design safe side covers and gazebos.

New type top gazebo

The upper arbor has been developed for easier threading.

collar machine awning
Weight 925 kg
Dimensions 3430 × 1800 × 864 mm
Production capacity 800 – 1,000 Pieces / 1 Day (Average)
Supply Ability 24,000 – 30,000 Parts / 1 Month (Average)
Steel System Double carrier and tandem single system, 8-stage sinker selection feature
Feeder / Shuttle 6 shuttles on 3 rails (2 sets)
Stitch Density 0~650 with 24-level independent selection
Mesh Width
Knitting Speed Maximum 1.2 m/sec speed may vary depending on knitting and fineness, 24-stage speed adjustable
Side Tensioner Up to 2″ inches, finely tuned with servo motor
Cylinder 32-level adjustable roller, the ability to shoot between 0 ~ 100 at every level
Control System Controlled by the Boosan operating system
Automatic Intervention Adjustment motor error, Steel motor error, Pulse contact, Knot, Needle breakage, Jacquard error, Motor overload, Part finish, Part drop, Side arbor
Strength 220V / 380V


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