550HS Knee Pad Knitting Machine

550HS Knee Pad Knitting Machine

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550HS Knee Brace Knitting Machine helps you to knit Knee Pads.

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550HS Knee Pad Knitting Machine

Knee Brace Knitting Machine All kinds of jacquard knee braces, elbow braces, ankle guards, lumbar support, headbands, etc., for sports project, medical rehabilitation and health. It helps you to produce products.


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Name Data identification
Cylinder size 7’’, 8’’, 9’’, 10’’, 11’’, 12’’, 13’’
Needles 168-336n
R.P.M 50-80
Output mode Roller system
Feeder 2 and 4 autotransformers
LCD LCD, 7 inch LCD touch screen
Actuator Selection of 8 eight-blade high-speed magnetic needles
Yarn transport device yarn break stop
Alarm stop thread break stop, leak stop, low oil pressure stop, needle break stop
Tire feeding Tire feeding system
Automatic lubrication system Frequency can be controlled by computer
Up needle plate Pneumatic control
Automatic oil Automatic lubrication system, frequency can be controlled by computer
Motor Inverter controlled variable speed gear motor
Voltage 220/380V
Case Size 650mm x 780mm x 24000mm


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