Computerized Collar Machine JP711

Computerized Collar Machine JP711

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Achieve efficiency in the production area with the new generation knitting machine. It allows you to save time in production with its easy use and performance. With its superior performance and quality production capability, it makes a far difference from its counterparts. With this machine, you can produce quality and unique products.

In terms of spare parts supply and technical support service, our company stands behind our products by considering customer satisfaction until the end.


Computerized Collar Knitting Machine JP-711

Control Panel

Visual touchscreen interface showing knitting movement. It is easy for the employee to change the data setting. Designs can be stored or transferred from USB disk. The quick edit function is useful for a new operator. New safety doors and emergency protection increase operator safety.

Serve Engine

Machine head and rack bed are working with servo motor, working parameter data can be adjusted according to working conditions. Machine head movement, servo quick direction change control and motion technique have been improved, it is 10% faster than the old type machine.

New Design

The safety of the machine operator is ensured with the newly designed safe side covers and arbors.

Steel System

711 cam system can make basic full jacquard and intarsia structure fabric. 8 sets of solen old needle selection structure.


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