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Foldıng machIne

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The difference in the Folding Machine produced by Santeks Textile Machinery , which is 100% Turkish made, is that it has 10 heads as Front and Back, and the number of heads varies according to the customer’s request. There are 4 pieces of thread broken in each head and Electronic scissors systems in our machines. Companies which using our machines in this field have the power to control the settings they want In addition, our machine has a PLC-controlled display system, on which the meter and speed settings of each head can be adjusted. Finally, the heads are interchangeable.

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Foldıng MachIne Features

  • Plc Controlled Display
  • Adjustable on the screen Metering and Speed settings
  • Adjustable number of working heads
  • 4 pieces of rope broke in each head and Electronic Scissors
  • Each head contains a meter counter

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Canlı Destek
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