Fully Automatic Tipping Machine

Fully Automatic Tipping Machine

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Fully Automatic Ending Machine produced by Santeks Textile Machinery and our machine is 100% Turkish made. In this area, businesses using our machine have the power to control the settings they want. In addition, our machine has a PLC controlled display system, on which the length and speed settings of each head can be adjusted.

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Fully Automatic Tipping Machine

  • Plc, Servo Control System and Operator Screen
  • Acetate, PVC, Written Acetate, Bag Cardboard, Tip Feature
  • Mold Dimensions Between 2.2 / 6.5 Mm
  • Machine Speed 2000/2500 per hour
  • Adjusting Transparency Size with 0.1 Precision
  • Error Screen Shown with Pictures and Text
  • Heat Control with 5 Degrees of Precision
  • Automatic Acetone Adjustment System
  • Readable Sensor Systems
  • Cord And Acetate Safety Sensors
  • Cord Number Tracking on PLC Screen
  • Production Planning System
  • Adjustable On-Screen Motion Tracking
  • Special Piston/Cooler Hydraulic System

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Canlı Destek
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