HCRD6J/2 Raschel Machines

HCRD6J/2 Raschel Machines

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Product information

The knitting elements of the HCRD6J/2 Raschel Machines double needle bar raschel warp knitting machine include: 4 ground bars; 2 piezoelectric jacquard sticks; 2 single ratchet needle bars; 2 tipping bars and 2 sinker beds.

The movement of the latch needles is controlled by the cam inside the oil box and the counter cam. Sinker bearing, guide rod and cradle are controlled by eccentric rod coupling mechanism.

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Product features

* This machine adopts piezo jacquard technology, can free expression of all kinds of ornaments, achieve double-needle woven seamless knit fabric. Thanks to this technology, the products produced are close to finished, greatly reduced after processing, and can better achieve the effect of personal warmth and comfort.
* The guide bar all use electronic control technology (EL device), the production is more diverse, operate more convenient.
* Uses EBC release system and EAC system. The computer also controls the receiving device. Thanks to the coordination of these two functions, we can obtain different processing values and weft density.

Type HCRD6J/2
Main Program Parameter
Working Range 80 – 138 mm
Speed (r/min) 10-600
Needles 22E 24E 28E
Yarn release mechanism EBC release system
Machine beam Type 21 – 30
Fabric pick-up Electronic
Needle Type Latch Needle
Bar 4 Bars 2 Piezoe Jacquard Bars
Machine driver Frequency Control
Machine Control 12 inch Touch Screen
Machine Power 17KW Machine rated power


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