HCRJ6/2-52 Raschel Machines

HCRJ6/2-52 Raschel Machines

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Product information

Knitting elements of HCRJ6/2-52 Raschel Machinery double needle bed jacquard belt raschel warp knitting machine, EL guide bar, 4 piezo electric ceramic jacquard bars, 6 EBC. Includes bilingual needle bearing, 2 tilting rods and 2 sinker bearings.

The whole machine has compact structure and convenient operation. Computer jacquard pattern design technology makes products more free, rich and unique. It is suitable for producing warp knit belts for high-grade sportswear and knit bags.

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Product features

*Uses piezo ceramic jacquard electric and EL electronic shogging technique. It can produce types of jacquard knitted belts.
* Running Windows 7 system computer in industrial control screen.
* By using freestanding type creels, the tension can be made more stable.

HCRJ6/2-52 Raschel Makineleri
Type HCRJ6/2-52
Needle Type Latch Needle
Needle Size E24 E28
Working Width 660mm x 2 ( 26’’ x2 )
Number of Guide Bars 6/8
Warp Release 6EB (j(8EBC) \ E-Positive Warp Release
Beam Size Beam Size 14” 17”
Flange 356             450
Shaft 102             150
Openness 70                90
Width 356             370
Density Range 8-15cm
Pattern Device 6E(8E)-Shogging (EL) 4 piezo electric ceramic jacquard sticks
Main Shaft Speed 0-350 RPM (Frequency conversion)
Machine Control 12” touch screen
Machine Power 7.8KW Machine rated power 7.8KW
Machine features (L)4030x(W)3340x(H>3109 <mm)
Total weight 3500KG – 4000KG (Around)


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