Knitting Machine Rubber TA 903 / 908

Knitting Machine Rubber TA 903 / 908

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Bu suitable for to knit to build: Flexibility loose tightly take, have no flexibility even take, the mouth-muffle take, the text chest take,
the clothing take, the shoulder bag take, the zipper take, the underwear pants use to lake etc. the fabric kou all can knitto build
from the 0.2cm ~ 9cm.

Technical specifications

The outside size of the host computer: long 1650mm wide 700mm high 1750mm
Operate width: Arrange needle number (every inches of knitting needles) 12-14-15-18-20
The woof line up few BS 3
Speed: 1400s/cent
Noise: Lower than 60 decibels
Fabric width/area count: 0.6ne cm / 100th piece, 1th cm / 62th piece, 1.5th cm / 42th piece, 2th cm / 34th piece,
2.5ne cm / 28th piece, 3ne cm/ 23th piece, 4ne cm / 18th piece, 5ne cm / 14th piece, 6ne cm / 12th piece, 7ne cm / 10th piece,
8ne cm / 9th peice, 9ne cm / 8th piece


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