Narrow Woven Coil Hoist Lift (BKA1010)

Narrow Woven Coil Hoist Lift (BKA1010)

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Narrow Woven Coil Hoist Lift

Narrow Weaving Coil Lifting Machine, which facilitates the use of your Narrow Weaving Machines, provides convenience for you and your employees.

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Narrow Woven Coil Hoist Lift

Coil Lifting Lift is affordable and a useful tool. As Santeks Textile Machinery, we make your Narrow Weaving Machine easier to use. The Coil Lifting Lift will provide great convenience and assistance to you and your employees, and most importantly, will enable them to work faster and faster without occupying any space in our shop.


The machine is a charging battery and saves you the trouble of cables!

You can definitely work more comfortably away from the cable problem while using the machine, it will be charged and working again as soon as possible.

Machine Usage

Coil Lifting Lift is extremely easy to use, you can use it without taking up any space in your factory. A single manpower is sufficient for the use of the machine and it does not require much manpower.

  • Best quality
  • Next generation technology
  • High efficiency

Item Size

Dimensions 250 cm
Width 40 cm
Depth 55 cm


Maximum Height and Weight

The machine can lift bobbins up to a maximum of 50 kg, and its height is 245 cm.

For More Detailed Information

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Gain efficiency in the production area with the new generation Narrow Woven Coil Lifter. It allows you to save time in production with its easy use and performance. With its superior performance and quality production capability, it makes a far difference from its counterparts. Save time in production with this machine.

In terms of spare parts supply and technical support service, our company stands behind our products by considering customer satisfaction until the end.

Narrow Woven Coil Hoist Lift


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