YH-6F socks knitting machine

YH-6F socks knitting machine

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The new miniature design and intelligent system operation mode make the sock knitting machine easier to use and save energy at a high speed.
New generation YH-6F sock knitting machine output increased by 10%, stability increased by 10%, life span increased by 15%, power consumption decreased by 8%.

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The YH-6F socks knitting machine is a single cylinder single feed sock knitting machine, and due to its versatility, it can produce a range of different products from very simple to more complex ones, without affecting the quality and efficiency of the products.

Depending on the product, different barrel diameters and needle numbers can be selected. By means of one high-quality automatic connecting device, it can realize automatic sewing connection of socks, which makes socks more comfortable and durable.

An efficient and reliable electronic control system is used to control and execute all commands of the machine.

Electrical control system
It adopts the use of the latest touch screen electric control system, which has high reliability and rich functions. To meet the needs of different customers, Dahao Mingde and Hangzhou Baiming systems can be installed as other options.

Automatic connection device
Compared with the traditional strapping process, the automatic strapping device can greatly improve the basic properties, reduce labor costs, improve the quality of socks, and make socks more comfortable and durable.

Knitting head
Using high-quality, high-precision components, the knitting head is engineered to bond the highest quality components and ensure continued reliability over the long term.

Thread shift sensor
The yarn-shifting sensor imported from Italy can eliminate 80% of the yarn residue and defective products in production, and greatly reduce needle consumption and downtime. The light sensor switch makes various work procedures fast and accurate. The positioning clip design makes installation faster and can be installed in 3 different angles, and shows bright LED signals (green and red) to control status and alarm signals.

The possibility of knitting
6 color patterns plus a standard color. Mesh, tuck, float stitch, plain weave and stretch terry cloth combined, 6 color plus standard color pattern. Mesh, tuck, floating stitch, plain woven fabric and terry cloth.

You can access the flat knitting machine from this link.

YH-6F Socks Knitting Machine

Model YH-6F
Cylinder Diameter 3*1/2, 3*3/4
Indicator 9, 14, 22
Number of Needles 120N, 144N, 168N, 200N
Number of colors 6 pattern colors in addition to the primary color
Knitting feature 250-300 RPM
Voltage and Frequency 380V/50Hz
Power Consumption 0,4-0,6 kWh
Compressed Air Pressure 5.5 (min) – 6.5 (max) bar
Machine Size 1200x1080x1800-2000(h) mm
Package Size 1220x1120x2070 (h) mm
Machine Weight 320 Kg


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