Lifting belt needle loom

Lifting belt needle loom

Optimally and flexibly used in the weaving of various kinds of hanging ribbon narrow fabrics. shroud bands and etc.

Durable, high speed, mute, easy operation, convenient maintenance and etc.

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Weaving machine shutteless needle loom machine

Type Shuttleless loom
Application Lifting belt
Supply ability 70 Set/Sets per Month
Gauge 13, 10
Model JYS5-2/110, JYS5-2/130, JYS5-4/60, JYS5-4/80, JYS5-4/90, JYS5-8/35, JYS5-10/27
Reed width 90, 110, 130
Number of tapes 640, 880
Weaving head 2, 4, 6, 8, 10
Weaving head width 27, 35, 55, 60, 80, 90, 110, 130
Welf density 2.8 ~ 3.2 (cm), 2.6 ~ 3.0 (cm)
Pattern chain cycle 1:8/Chain
Standart equipment 4 Bars, Cutting knife
Product Standard / CE Machinery Directive:2006/42EC
Warranty 1 Year


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