1 System – Braiding Machine with Wrapping System

Machine Name: 1 System – Braiding Machine with Wrapping System (Fancy Yarn Braiding Machine)
Area of Use: It is a Circular Braiding machine. Used to produce shoestring, hood string, eyewear string, etc Tricot Accessories.
Needle Sizes: Special production can be done between 3 GG – 14 GG.
Number of Needles: Production be done according to the number of needle.
Production Capacity (24 hours): 3000-6000 Meters. (Machine number, yarn thickness impacts the production.)

Head Motors: 1 X 0,25 KW
Roller Motors: Roller motor can be made separately on order.
Net Weight: 65 Kg
Dimensions: 65x50x110 Cm
Speed Setting: No
Additional Info: Braiding head can be replaced.
Equipped with winding system.
220 V / 380V / 50 Hz 2 A – 1.2 A / 1390 RPM / Min.


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Canlı Destek
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