HCR8-ETH Raschel Machines

HCR8-ETH Raschel Machines

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Product information

The knitting elements of the HCR8-ETH Raschel Machines double needle bar raschel warp knitting machine included: 8 EL guide bars 8 beam spindles (EBC) and double ratchet needle beds: 2 tilting bars and 2 sinkers.

The device structure is compact and functional, the working results are stable, and it is easy to operate. It is suitable for producing warp knit belts for high-grade sportswear, medical bandages and mesh bags.

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Product features

* Operation on micro computer touch screen.
* Pattern compilation on computer, using USB storage. transfer designs to machine
* The device adopts electronic control technology (EL), production runs more diversified, more convenient.

HCR8-ETH Raschel Makineleri
Needle Type Latch Needle
Needle Size E18 E22 E24 E28
Working Width 660mm x2
Number of Guide Bars 8
Warp Release Positive Warp Drop, Setting Beam Warp Parameters (EBC) on Touchscreen
Beam Size Beam Size 356        450
Flange 102         150
Shaft 70            90
Openness 356         370
Width 356
Density Arrangement Density Regulation Computer Touch Screen (EAC)
Pattern Device Shogging
Density Range Frequency converter control-f- main axis servo motor (Cam self-lubricating system)
Machine Master Drive 10 inch computer touch screen (high speed computer control system) Indoor dust shield
Master Mator 2,2 KW
Main Shaft Speed 1.1  KW
Main Engine Shogging 0.4 KW
Machine Features 3260*3205*2713 mm
Total weight 4200KG (Around)


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