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What is Narrow Weaving Machine? How does it work ?

Santeks Textile Machinery is used for the production of narrow woven written and unwritten light or medium weight elastic and non-elastic strip rubber bands.

Our ENFJ computer controlled jacquard narrow weaving machines produced by our qualified staff specialized in the Narrow Weaving Machines sector can easily manufacture elastic and flat tapes in all kinds of logos, words, slogans and symbols.

Thanks to its high performance working speed and efficiency, our ENF series Jacquard Narrow Weaving machines always provide the best results and maximum production capacity to its customers.

Our company is responsible for the maintenance and repair of the machines and we provide high-level spare parts and technical service in this field.

Our Weaving Machines are divided into two classes as Flat Narrow Weaving and Jacquard Narrow Weaving.

What Does Narrow Weaving Machine Produce?

Santeks Textile Machinery serves many sectors with its Narrow Weaving Machine. The majority of these sectors are textile and production. The main products produced by Narrow Weaving Machine are as follows;

It produces many products such as heavy webbing, lifting slings, seat belts, pattern webbing, cargo straps, lashing straps, towing straps, ratchet straps, army belt.

Why U.S?

Santeks Textile Machinery is an international organization that serves with an understanding of 100% customer satisfaction.

Jacquard Narrow Weaving Machine

In our Jacquard Narrow Weaving Machine category, we have very ideal machines for light-weight tapes where mass production is required. Versatile adjustment capability In order to have equipment that can connect with System 1, System 2, System 3 and System 4 systems, band groups of 2/150 – 2/130 – 4/100 – 6/66 – 8/27 mm can be operated with an eccentric. It is an extraordinary bench with its unique appearance, which extends up to 48 pods and up to 12 frames working together with eccentric and pods.

What Does Jacquard Narrow Weaving Machine Produce?

Our Santeks Textile Machinery Jacquard Narrow Weaving Machine has been designed by professional engineers for weaving products such as zippers, belts, extrafors, bandages, ribbons, elastic bands, bandages, gun belts, parachute straps and military equipment tapes, seat belts, etc.

As Santeks Textile Machinery, we will examine the usage areas of Jacquard Narrow Weaving that we have prepared for you in our daily life.

In home textile products such as pique quilts,
In clothing, textile, coats and accessories,
Furniture Industry,
Bag handle, handle and internal apparatus,
Woven watch accessory straps,
Staff cards and ID hangers,
mens underwear Boxer elastics,
waist belts,
Occupational safety equipment materials,
Automotive industry,
high-tech products
Sports equipment,
shutter ropes,
food and food industry,
packaging materials,
It appears in our daily lives in many areas such as camping and tent equipment.

Narrow Weaving Machine Working System
Jacquard Narrow Weaving Machine Working System


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