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Circular Knitting Machine

Santeks Textile Machinery is indispensable for fabric production in textile products such as T-shirts, Sweatshirts and Leggings with Circular Knitting Machine. Click to view our other products.


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Single Jersey Fabric Knit Machine (Open Width – Four Tracks) PLT3

Open Width Single Plate Elastane Knitting Machine

Achieve efficiency in the production area with Boosan Circular Knitting Machines, the new generation circular knitting machine of Santeks Textile Machinery. It allows you to save time on production with its easy use and performance. Thanks to its superior performance and quality production capability, it makes a difference with its counterparts. You can produce quality and unique products with this machine.

Our company stands behind our products to the end by considering customer satisfaction in spare parts supply and technical support service.

What Does a Circular Knitting Machine Produce?

The main products and materials produced by Santeks Textile Machinery’s Circular Knitting Machine are as follows; It manufactures in many areas such as T-shirts, Sweatshirts, Tights, fabric production of daily clothes, textile products in the automobile sector. You can examine the products used in our daily life in our next topic.

Production Types of Circular Knitting Machine

Santeks Textile Machinery Company’s Boosan Circular Knitting Machines enable diversified fabric production thanks to the various knitting structures. There are main production types such as Two Yarn, Three Yarn, Interlock Rib, Jacquard Single Jersey, Jacquard, Double Face Crepe, Scuba, Terry (Loop Pile) Towel Fabric, Single Jersey, Pique, Camisole Fabric, Ringel, Darpus. Call us for detailed information.

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Boosan Knitting Machine With Elastane Device

İstanbul Santeks Tekstil Makinaları Boosan 3 yarn knitting machine allows knitting with different types of yarns, cotton weaving, cotton polyester weaving, elastic weaving. It works as a Single Jersey Single Plate.

Boosan Double Plate Rib Knitting Machine

Santeks Textile Machinery provides many product services in the field of production and textile. Multifunctional Double Plate Rib Knitting Machine is equipped with two ways in diameter and four ways in cylinder. By changing the professional camera sequence, it can change the dual structure and adapt to changing market demands. Click to see our machines for sale.

üç iplik yuvarlak örme makinası elastan istanbul santeks makine
boosan otomatik ringel makinası santeks 6 renk 4 renk

Boosan Automatic Machine 6 (4) Colors

The fabric produced by Istanbul Boosan Santeks Tekstil Makina Automatic Ringel Knitting Machine has a plump, tight and less elastic structure due to these features. It is similar in structure to woven fabrics woven with certain types of yarn. This type of fabric is very popular in the automotive industry due to its nature: it can be used in car interiors, seats, etc. It can be used easily in areas. Depending on machine thickness (gauge); Fabrics knitted with this machine, which uses micro fiber as raw material, can find a place even in the clothing sector. 6 color
You can create as many pattern designs as you want. Contact us for Ringel Knitting Machine prices.

Electronic Interlock Jacquard Circular Knitting Machine

Santeks Tekstil Makine Electronic Interlock Jacquard Circular Knitting Machine uses a computerized system for the selection of needles in the needle cylinder. Computerized electronic optional knitting machine can choose 3-stage knitting pique and needle cancellation.

The easy-to-use mold control system allows you to quickly load molds and make many settings on the control panel.

Usage areas; Fancy wear, Sportswear, Home textile, Automotive
Materials that can be used; Silk, Cotton, Synthetic Fiber, Artificial Wool, Polyester.

Circular Knitting Machine Place and Importance

As Santeks Textile Machinery, we will examine the usage areas of the Circular Knitting Machine we have prepared for you in our daily life.

Home textiles
Swimwear – Swimwear
Fancy Clothing
Automotive industry
Medical Textile
Nightwear (Nightwear)
Towel Bathrobe Production

yuvarlak örme, 3 iplik, ringel interlok, elastan, santeks, örgü, makina, makine
3 Thread Circular Knitting Machine Working Principle
Circular Knitting Machine Working Principle


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