Özel – Otomatik Dikiş Makineleri GC131 0G-01A

Özel – Otomatik Dikiş Makineleri GC131 0G-01A

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Özel – Otomatik Dikiş Makineleri GC131 0G-01A


Special – Automatic Dikiş Makineleri GC131 0G-01A

Direct drive procedural computer floral Pattern sewing machine (pneumatic)

Computer-controlled and programmed direct drive pattern machine it is mainly used to sew various mens-wears and women’s dress in the apparel industry, denim and knitted fabric, women underwear,bags, shoes and other various applications

Big screen LCD interface, touch screen control new, as long as the fingers touch to complete the man-machine dialogue.

According to the icon and command, easily create sewing data . Sewing data can create one check.You can see at a glance the sewing shape lncrease the speed reduction ratio … counters needles sewing data.

Can display eight languages. CF card slot, USB interfaces hare standard , by using U disk or card reader,can be realized ona variety of memory (FD, SM, CF, SD, etc.) far data import and export.


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