Tam Elektronik Jakarlı Yuvarlak Örme Makinası

The machine uses a computerized actuator to select the needles on the needle cylinder. The computerized optional knitting device will select the three-stage Knitting, Pique and Cancel needle selection. All kinds of complex art and craft structure and design can be transferred to special control instructions by the computerized fluorination preparation system, then saved to U disk or floppy disk, then put into the jacquard weave control system for various designs, saving time in changing of model designs.

It uses the advanced computerized actuator of the international optional knitting organization, this way the machine is more stable, while simple operation and easy maintenance is ensured.




30" ~ 38" inç



Besleyici / Mekik

42F, 84F

Kullanılabilir Malzeme

İpek, Karışım, Pamuk, Sentetik elyaf, Yapay yün