Santeks Tekstil Flat Knitting Collar Machine
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What is Flat Knitting Collar Machine? How does it work ?

There are many textile products made with Santeks Textile Machinery Flat Knit Collar Machine. It can produce many collar products on the production line with the Flat Knitting Machine that works with high performance, which is the most preferred by the sectors. Thanks to the style feature of the plain knit collar and the feature of computer programming for a collar, it can create various textile collars and patterns. Flat Knit Collar Machine Computerized Flat Knit Collar Machine is divided into 4 groups as Jacquard and Full Jacquard Collar Machines.

What Does Flat Knitting Collar Machine Produce?

Flat Knit Collar Machine is used in the production of all clothing and home textile fabrics, t-shirt collars, coat ribs, skirt ribs. It is one of the most preferred machine groups in collar production by textile fabric manufacturers.

Why U.S?

Santeks Textile Machinery is an international organization that serves with an understanding of 100% customer satisfaction.

As Santeks Tekstil Makineleri, we will examine the usage areas of the Flat Knit Collar Machine, which we have prepared for you, in our daily lives.

In home textile products
T-Shirt Collar
Coat Rib
Skirt Rib
Sweater Collars
Sleeve Rib

Flat Knitting Machine Working System
Computerized Flat Knitting Collar Machine Working System


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